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        1.desperate times
        2.i'll bleed for you
        4.rock n roll napalm
        6.break mine off
        7.bad weather
        9.juice boy the crime
       11.assault and battery lose/i win
       13.caught with your panties down
recorded at: House Of Faith, Oakland Ca. in 2002
The Resistoleros "Rock 'N' Roll Napalm (Steel Cage)
Kick Ass! The Resistoleros crank it out low-down, mean, and nasty like a bunch of filthy, sleaze-lovin' dregs of society flyin' high on booze, smack, and cheap, gutter crawlin' sex appeal. Theirs is a sordid, unsavory sound of pure, undiluted Rock n' Roll at it's most primal, reckless, and heinous with a frenzied, Bowery-style blitz and plenty of ballsy , gut-slashing attitude. The vocals are defiantly delivered with a gruff and belligerent air of devil-may-care surliness. The smokin', high-octane guitar leads simmer in a thick and heavy bombardment of swaggering, drug-addled riffs ala the Dead Boys, Electric Frankenstein, and Dead Man's Choir. The bass and drums roar like a caterwauling graffiti-covered subway train violently rumbling through the seedy, rat-infested underbelly of New York City. No doubt about it, The Resistoleros rock it hard, play it dirty, and shake it loose!! If Sid Vicious, Johnny Thunders, and Stiv Bators were alive today, they'd be feverishly shootin' up a vein-blistering supply of grade "A" street heroin to the decadent, thundering noise destruction of Rock 'N' Roll Napalm. (cd)-Moser(UNDER THE VOLCANO #77 New York)

ROCK AND ROLL NAPALM - The Resistoleros (Steel Cage)
Do we really need another band whose liner notes spruik that they want to turn the clock back to "relive the screaming guitars of the Dead Boys, to see the drunks and the junkies before the habits came home"? Or whose stated ambition is to "drink like Sid, look like Billy and fuck like Iggy"? The answer is yes, and in the great Ken Shimamoto's (paraphrased) words, "if you don't have dreams you have nightmares". Live fast, die young cliches aside, the Resistoleros want to BE your rock and roll nightmare - and that in itself is an admirable sentiment.

Don't know much about this Bay Area band except that singer Sammytown was in a well-regarded/reviled Berkley outfit called Fang and the Resistoleros are on Steel Cage, the estimable Philadelphia label that gives oxygen to all manner of cool bands but has a leaning towards Scum Rock. Named after a brand of glue, The Resistoleros have streetpunk blood in their veins but seem to draw more on the tuneage of bands like the Humpers, Electric Frankenstein or the early Clash rather than out-and-out sonic vandalism.

There's a dose of U.K. football terrace chants in some of the choruses ("Resistoleros" and the catchy "Desperate Times") and an accomplished edge to the guitarwork of Alby Wasted and Jonny Manak that puts them a chord ahead of the pack. More like the (Aussie) Hitmen or the (New York) Dictators than your average gutterpunks but, hey, even the Dead Boys had a degree of musicality to them. Any band that has a song "Caught With Your Panties Down" certainly won't object to that last comparison.

Engine rooms are often overlooked which is a crime because there might be rock but there sure ain't any roll wiithout a good pairing anchoring it down. They don't come much better than Brian Shaffer on bass and Ike Eischener on drums.

There's a dearth of 9/11 songs in the Real Rock category (you're not really going to count Broooce are you?) so "9/11" fills a gap with a seeming pro-U.S. sentiment, which is a rarity. Not that you should count these guys in the politcal rock camp - these are songs about angst and grit, not politico shit. If there's a criticism it's that a few of the songs merge into each other, but that's down to the relentless nature of the guitar attack more than anything. There are, however, enough high points to justify giving this more than a passing listen. (I-Bar Sydney, Australia)

RESISTOLEROS -ROCK N ROLL NAPALM (Steel Cage) ****                  I love the smell of rock n roll napalm in the morning!  Ive never heard of these guys, and I was expecting quite a bit from the looks of the CD.  Great artwork, cool name, and some really cool photos of the band inside and out.  I think the guitar player wins the award for best name, Alby Wasted.  When I put this disc on, I almost fell out of my chair when I heard track 2, Ill Bleed for You.  This is the kinda shit Ive been looking for since Electric Frankenstein went soft!  The Resistoleros bring back the spirit of Stiv quite respectfully with their dual buzzsaw guitar attack and tough vocals.  These crazy San Franciscans spew forth some mean punk rock n roll.  Theres enough metal crammed in here to appease us Hookers fans, and not too much as too offend all you punk purists.  Caught With Your Panties Down, Bad Weather, Assault & Battery, Resistoleros, and Break Mine Off are stuck in my skull after my first listen and I dont think theyll be leaving my brain anytime soon.  And here I thought that Crime was San Franciscos only rock n roll bandJG  (

Capturing the hell bent for leather aesthetic of punk's hey day when, as swaggering frontman Sammytown points out, there was no such thing as selling out cuz no one was buying, the Resistoleros scratch and burn in glorious fiery rock and roll tradition. This is glue sniffing material (named after shoe wonder bond Resistol) from deep in the garage, with the door tightly shut. A teeming, vitriolic box of angst, sex and dynamite, ready to blow the roof off. Not just the raw, real deal, but plenty of greasy kids stuff as well.   (Thrust Electronic Magazine -Canada)

THE RESISTOLEROS "Rock'n'Roll Napalm" (Steel Cage Records) CD
THE RESISTOLEROS are from San Francisco and pull out with this debut album a solid step back into the tradition of late 70s American punk, equally balanced between STOOGEES-alike riffs and rhythms and a solid rock'n'roll background that has bands like THE ROLLING STONES as the godfathers. Of course the production is modern, but I can tell all the 13 songs on here sound as fresh as if they were recorded 20 years ago. Singer Sammytown, former member of the great band FANG, screams about all the clichés of punk rock, and the same band name is taken out of the habit of sniffin' a glue called Resistol... of course, this is a real jump back in the past when punk rock still was a dangerous and scary word. I hope bands like this will take back that feeling once again... "Rock'n'Roll napalm" surely is another step towards the ultimate path. Buy this album if you can't cope with the modern punk sounds and you still look around for the real tough shit.

The Resistoleros Rock N Roll Napalm
Sammy Town is back. Yes the legendary singer of Fang. This is very different from Fang but it still rocks. What you got here is some good old Rock and Roll ala the Stooges, Dead Boys or Electric Frankenstein. This is just some dirty gritty old style punk rock. I can just imagine some drugged out stripper swinging on a pole to this one. This is definitely a kick ass record. This is definitely a record that is bringing back some of the true integrity of punk rock. A day when people just played some loud and fast music for themselves and there friends. Hopefully there will be a tour coming soon because I would really like to see these guys live.    (RAZOR AND BLADE MAGAZINE -PA.)
RESISTOLEROS--Rock'N'Roll Napalm (Steel Cage)
Great return from Sammytown of Fang. 13 blazing, ugly tunes from
his-post Fang band. I can't say enough about this record; if you like
your punk fast and dangerous this is a band for you. Sammy's voice is in
fine form and the song writing is catchy like VD. His lyrics are diverse
and from the gutter-level you'd expect from the singer who brought you
"Skinheads Smoke Dope," "Destroy The Handicapped" and "Fistful Of Wicked
(Sreading Paper #17)
When I say this rocked the shit out of me, I means I had to change my
(Roctober #37)