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   THE RESISTOLEROS "Rock'n'Roll Napalm" (Steel Cage Records) CD
THE RESISTOLEROS are from San Francisco and pull out with this debut album a solid step back into the tradition of late 70s American punk, equally balanced between STOOGEES-alike riffs and rhythms and a solid rock'n'roll background that has bands like THE ROLLING STONES as the godfathers. Of course the production is modern, but I can tell all the 13 songs on here sound as fresh as if they were recorded 20 years ago. Singer Sammytown, former member of the great band FANG, screams about all the clichés of punk rock, and the same band name is taken out of the habit of sniffin' a glue called Resistol... of course, this is a real jump back in the past when punk rock still was a dangerous and scary word. I hope bands like this will take back that feeling once again... "Rock'n'Roll napalm" surely is another step towards the ultimate path. Buy this album if you can't cope with the modern punk sounds and you still look around for the real tough shit.
The Resistoleros Rock N Roll Napalm
Sammy Town is back. Yes the legendary singer of Fang. This is very different from Fang but it still rocks. What you got here is some good old Rock and Roll ala the Stooges, Dead Boys or Electric Frankenstein. This is just some dirty gritty old style punk rock. I can just imagine some drugged out stripper swinging on a pole to this one. This is definitely a kick ass record. This is definitely a record that is bringing back some of the true integrity of punk rock. A day when people just played some loud and fast music for themselves and there friends. Hopefully there will be a tour coming soon because I would really like to see these guys live.    (RAZOR AND BLADE MAGAZINE PA.)